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How to start a bitcoin casino: Top 4 ways of opening your own gambling business

How to start a bitcoin casino: Top 4 ways of opening your own gambling business

It seems that today everybody knows about cryptocurrencies. At some point, they have become so popular that the query “bitcoin” has entered the Google’s top; many people have started thinking of purchasing virtual coins.

Such interest to bitcoins could not be ignored by entrepreneurs who began integrating the BTC into businesses as a payment method. Gambling establishments did not stay aloof: this is how bitcoin casinos came to be.

A bitcoin casino: the definition, features, and the advantages

Everything is pretty simple: this is a gaming hall that accepts the BTC as a payment method. Bitcoins may be the only or an optional way of payment, which is decided by the enterprise’s owner.

Why the bitcoin? Because it is the most popular cryptocurrency that is used in almost all the operations connected with digital money. There are more than a thousand cryptocurrencies, yet it was the BTC that conquered the world thanks to its conveniences.

Why is the BTC so accepted ?


  • A decent chance of resistance to inflation. Only a certain amount of BTCs can be emitted; consequently, the constant emission cannot cause the bitcoin’s inflation.
  • No intermediaries. The process of a transaction with common currencies always has a third side - a bank. It is quite different with BTCs since no intermediaries are needed to transfer funds.
  • The anonymity. This point is vital in everything concerning the gambling industry. Hardly everyone wishes to publish his private information or even uncover the fact of visiting a gambling club. In a bitcoin casino, staying anonymous is quite possible since all you need to gamble is a wallet number.
  • Efficiency. Transactions using the bitcoin last from ten to fifteen minutes, while bank operations may go for several days.
  • The BTC is an international currency. It can be used for payment in any country all over the world. Digital technologies remove borders that are an obstacle for common currencies.

What is needed to launch a bitcoin casino business startup?

In general, the procedure looks much like a start of a conventional gambling establishment that has a few nuances. They are caused by the peculiarities of the way cryptocurrencies work. Firstly, all the parties (the operator and the gambler) should have a cryptocurrency wallet to make incoming and outcoming transactions.

Secondly, to conduct transactions, a casino must have payment systems installed that would support cryptocurrencies. These are the two essential requirements for a bitcoin establishment, that are to be completed anyway. Additionally, the proprietor will have to go through all the stages of a common establishment’s creation.

If you have already thought of starting a BTC gambling club, find means to develop it. They are many; each one has its pros and cons. We will not focus our attention on them since it would require another article. However, here are some distinctive features.

The 4 ways to a startup: how to create your own bitcoin gambling site:


  • A turnkey bitcoin casino. A customer addresses a contractor that creates a new establishment with all the necessary attributes, from the license to payment systems. In this case, the responsibilities for the launch lie with the contractor.
  • This is actually the main advantage of a turnkey bitcoin casino: the customer entrusts the contractor with the entirety of the development and all the worries with it. Also, we should note the fast pace of the order execution. Often, a contractor is working according to a scenario which is well-known to him, thus reducing the time needed to create a casino.
  • A script of a bitcoin casino. A simple yet not the most efficient opportunity. A buyer receives a code that later will be integrated into a platform. During the process, the customer will go through different stages from ordering a site to the finishing touches and an optional bitcoin game script.
  • A script has a significant disadvantage: often, it is a raw non-adapted piece of a code. It will require a lot of time and efforts to be refined. However, we cannot deny the low cost of this option.
  • A White Label establishment. It involves a bitcoin casino for sale without branding. Practically, an operator purchases a platform and designs it as he sees fit. Such a scheme is very common not only in gambling but in other fields as well.
  • Among the advantages of a White Label casino, we could name the next fact. An operator is developing his own brand and using tested business processes. The flaw is the dependence on a parent company: there is an obligation to follow its rules and pay the monthly fee.
  • Opening a bitcoin casino independently. In this case, an operator will have to accomplish everything on his own. Studying the market, getting a legal permit, choosing and ordering bitcoin casino software, and promoting the enterprise - everything lies on the proprietor’s shoulders.
  • The disadvantage of this option is obvious: if you have no experience in gambling, it would be difficult to begin a successful project. Most probably, the final result will cost you more than working with a contractor.

How much money is needed to start a bitcoin casino?

The price depends on many factors, primarily the way of launching a business. The costs of a script and a turnkey solution may differ dramatically. There is no even a fixed price of a script: it depends on the software content.

If you decide to open a bitcoin establishment on your own, make sure to calculate all the possible costs in advance. If you choose to work with a contractor, he will tell you the approximate price of an establishment that interests you. You will be able to begin acting based on this information.

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